Since 1953!

Morrisons Pastry delivers Grandpa's Original Yogurt Muffins and Loaves throughout the United States. No matter where you are, they will arrive as fresh and delicious as the moment they came out of our ovens!
Morrisons Pastry is a family business established in 1953. Our 40,000 square foot facility, equipped with the most modern equipment, insures consistency in the size, quality, taste and appearance of the product.

Since we introduced Grandpa's Original yogurt muffins and loaves, Morrisons Pastry's sales have increased each year and all our products are available to distributors throughout the entire United States.

Are you looking for a new product that will increase your profits dramatically?
One with proven customer appeal, that looks great, tastes better and is labor free?
Grandpa's Original
® yogurt line of muffins and loaves are a great choice!

1. Tastes Great: The yogurt gives our product a deliciously moist texture. We use the finest ingredients to grace your pallet and satisfy the most discriminating taste.

2. Labor Savings:
Grandpa's Original Thaw and Serve yogurt bakery products are oven baked, then frozen before shipping so they arrive as fresh and irresistible as when they came out of the oven.

3. Fantastic Appearance: Our products whet your appetite just by looking at them. They attract attention and enhance the image of your establishment.

4. Long Shelf Life:
Our yogurt base gives our products unusually long shelf life. Our muffins will remain soft and moist for days on your counter

5. The Right Price: Our products are used by the best hotels, coffee houses, food service and your local deli. The quality satisfies the most upscale clientele, yet the price is suitable to all food establishments and allows for great profit margins.

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